Dells WaveRunners FAQs

Q:  Will I get soaked?

A:  Today’s WaveRunners are large, stable watercrafts so the choice is yours. While you may get your feet wet some riders choose to take a more leisurely ride to avoid getting soaked. The water is refreshing so to most it is welcoming.

Q:  What should I bring?

A:  Recommended items are sunscreen, sunglasses, a GoPro or camera and a dry bag for your belongings.  We have a fully stocked store should you forget anything.

Q:  Are there age restrictions for the driver or passengers?

A:  Wisconsin state law states you must be born before January 1, 1989 in order to operate a watercraft WITHOUT a Boater’s Safety license. If you were born after this date, you will be required to take the Boater’s safety test. Drivers must be at least 16 years old and pass a Wisconsin DNR Boaters Certificate test to drive our WaveRunners. You can obtain a temporary boater’s license here: or in our WaterSports Rental Office.

Q:  Do we need a reservation?

A:  Yes.  Reservations are highly recommended. (608) 254-2878 

Q:  How Many people can ride on a WaveRunner?

A:  Up to (3) three people can fit per WaveRunner. However, we do reserve the right to change the limit to per WaveRunner based on factors such as river conditions, weather conditions and other factors. Every WaveRunner has a weight limit, so riders will be paired up accordingly for their safety.

Q:  How big of a group can take a tour at one time?

A:  We can accommodate groups as large as 20 people.

Q:  Are WaveRunners easy to drive?

A:  We only use Yamaha WaveRunners equipped with Yamaha Ride Technology. Very stable in the water and very easy to navigate.

Q:  Can we go fast?

A:  Yahoo!!!  Yes you can as long as you handle your WaveRunner in a safe & responsible manner and if conditions allow. Your tour guide will assess the group and increase speeds based on experience and safety.

Q:  Can we bring a camera?

A:  Highly recommended and really a must for this awesome adventure. Be sure to place it in your dry bag!